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Committed to deliver quality projects meeting every client's specification

Since its foundation in 1965 SKAB was renown as the leading company in providing customer satisfaction and even exceeding it, has proven itself to be the nation leader, through its wide array of services ranging from aluminum, glazing, wood work, steel products, as well as custom made displays, where customers has become the ambassadors of its brand, from their great experience with SKAB and quality proof.

Based in Lebanon, SKAB has been pushing up the building standards in the Lebanese market; with its high quality products and services to be able to suit its customers and local needs.

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SKAB Aluminum has been known as an innovative company, continuously improving the streamline processes and meet the needs of our customers.
Our engineers and sales personnel work hand-in-hand with customers to find innovative solutions and exceed expectations.
SKAB specializes in different applications of aluminum such as: architectural, industrial, etc...and according to international standards.


SKAB Woodworks designs and builds state of the art woodworks for any type of business adding beauty, prestige, convenience and value to it.
We also offer custom design sketches for the projects we build. These sketches ensure our customers have a clear understanding and visualization of the final product.


SKAB Steel since its foundation was recognized by its high quality consultants and contractors. This service since its introduction had pushed SKAB to become the leader in designing high quality steel products in Lebanon and all over Middle East.
SKAB Steel’s business practices are based on total transparency with customers and contractors.
At SKAB, we believe that professionalism, honesty and always delivering on time are our most valuable assets.

Why choose us?

Our company thrives on the discipline of several principles including:

  • We recognize the value of our people and develop our HR by recruiting highly skilled professionals.

  • We are committed to deliver quality projects meeting every client’s specifications.

  • We have gained a reputation of integrity and trust from our clients which build a solid base of satisfied customers who use our services regularly

  • We are known by our adaptability and flexibility. All our projects are custom built and tailored to meet specific requirements of clients.

  • Our work is never complete without a final nod of approval from our clients. Our work is never completed unless we make sure that all the specifications have been met down the tiniest detail.

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